So often members of my community ask me, “Ashley, how did you get that mention in that magazine?” or “How did you get that feature?” The secret is Public Relations.

Public Relations simply means being a storyteller. According to the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Public Relations is, “strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

What does that mean? It means that your PR team is in charge of making sure your company looks good to the world.

PR is about making sure your company is seen positively in the media. They will also have a crisis strategy in place in the event something ever happens. A PR pro will be proactive instead of reactive.

You’ve all seen the PR nightmares. Maybe you just didn’t know it was a PR nightmare. Think of things like United Airlines dragging a passenger off their plane, Pepsi’s racially insensitive commercial with Kendall Jenner, or when the company Nivea did a campaign entitled “white is purity.” I cannot make these things up.

PR is about research, planning, anticipating and evaluating.

So when people ask me how did I get those media mentions? I have a public relations strategy in place. My business cannot function solely on social media posts. What happens if Facebook goes away? Or my Instagram vanishes? Does my credibility die too because I’ve lost my audience?

This is why it’s so imperative I reach my audience everywhere. It’s crucial that I have my name out there in more than just the world of Facebook. It’s easy to be everywhere when you have a plan in place.

After working in PR for years and having an MA in PR, I’ve realized the importance of Public Relations. I’ve seen it work for former clients like The American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic, Senators and solopreneurs like you!

So do you have a PR plan in place?

If not, come join my free PR challenge in The Classy CEO Society next week. We kick off on Tuesday!

See you there!

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