Defining your ideal client is crucial to the success of your business.

When I started my first company last year, A.Love Marketing, everyone was my ideal client. I took every single person who wanted to hire me. I was determined to succeed.

What happened was that I was not working with ideal clients. I cried every single day. I balled my freaking eyes out. I felt so undervalued. I worked so hard and felt like I was getting nowhere.

I started A.Love Marketing in February and closed the doors by May. Less than 3 full months and I was out of business. I was defeated. I felt like a failure.

So I went back to corporate

Guess what? Corporate sucks. It was not for me. Just like it isn’t meant for you.

I wasn’t made to sit behind a desk and build up someone else’s dream. I had the full-time entrepreneur taste and I couldn’t ignore the freedom I felt despite my business fail.

I spent a lot of time soul searching. I created the business of my dreams. What I needed was to define my ideal client. I mean I needed to know her better than I know my sister.

Defining your ideal client and knowing them better than you know your siblings is one of the most important first steps when creating your business.

But where do you start? What info do you need to define your ideal client?Ideal Client Course

I’ve got you covered.

Grab the ideal client course. It’s designed to help you figure out exactly who you want to work with and how to find them.

Before defining my ideal client I couldn’t sell a $7 e-book and now I have people coming to me ready to spend $8k on my signature program. I promise you can have the same results if you really hone in on who you want to work with.

Stop guessing and start making an impact the types of people you want to impact.



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