Whenever I think of feminism, I get this weird taste in my mouth.

Before you start threatening to burn my house down and curse my soul, I am 100% for supporting women and equality. Heck, I’m an Empowerment Coach so women can really shine with their truth.

So let’s deep dive into what I mean. I’m talking about this oppression bull. Ladies, listen, you are not oppressed. Let’s talk about what the word oppress means. According to Dictionary.com the word oppress means “to burden with cruel or unjust impositions or restraints; subject to a burdensome or harsh exercise of authority or power.”

When you look at this definition, are you really being oppressed? Is there some harsh exercise of power limiting your success? Sorry, but the answer here is no.

When I think of oppression I think of places like Afghanistan where women are illiterate and most brides are under the age of 16.

Do I think it’s nonsense that women still make less than a man for the same job? Absolutely. Do I think that it’s nonsense most CEO’s are men? 100%. Am I advocating you to march in the streets, burn your bra and complain about how unfair life is? No. Do I think that women are capable of achieving greatness and don’t need a man to pave the way for them? Absolutely. Do I think the income gap and job placement are oppression? No. No I don’t and here’s why.

Ladies, no one is holding you down. You want to make more money? Negotiate with your boss. You want a promotion? Show the heck up and earn it. You want to create a thriving business? Do it.

Truth bomb.

No one is stopping you.

You are the only one stopping yourself.

You are holding yourself back.

Ladies, stop being timid and tell the world what you want. Declare it. Own it.

No one told me I was allowed to run my business. I decided what I wanted and went after it.

Stop thinking you have to let a man give you permission to achieve your dreams. You don’t.

It’s time for women to step up and own their role. Own your power ladies. You are capable of some incredible things and it’s time for you to dominate.

The internet provides more opportunity than we have ever had. It’s so easy to run your own company these days. Make as much as you want. Don’t ask for the promotion, you are the head honcho. Don’t worry about sick days. Live life on your freaking terms.

It’s possible. It’s 100% possible. I’m doing it. My friends are doing it. You can do it.

You can live whatever life you want. All you need to do is work hard and go after it unashamedly.

Ditch the limiting beliefs gorgeous. It’s time to conquer thoughts that hold you back and really go after what you want out of life. You only have this one life and it’s time you make the most out of it. 

I firmly believe this new wave of feminism is full of limiting beliefs. It perpetuates the idea that there’s something wrong with women. It sends the message that we need men to tell us it’s okay. It’s saying we need men to make room for us.

News flash. No one is going to give up their cushy job and killer salary to make room for you.

Stop letting limiting beliefs hold you back. 

You want it? Go freaking get it.

Are you ready to step out into the world and create your dream life? Are you ready to own your authentic voice and show up in the world the way you are meant to? 

Then it’s time we chat. 

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