Do you like spicy food? Maybe you like sweets, or something like a nice soft pretzel covered in salt.

You’re reading right now and probably thinking, what in the world is she getting at? Why is she discussing food, again?

Well, we are what we eat. No I am not going to tell you that you’re about to turn into the baked ziti you had for dinner, but food says a lot about us. We relate to food. Maybe that is why most of my blogs have a food aspect in it. For a lot of people, food makes them happy. They eat and it turns into a joyous feeling. We relate food to emotions.

Our mouth has another primary function. Communication. Much like food, communication serves as a primary source of our emotions.

Often times people sit back and relate their emotions to actions that another person has done. One example is, I am home cooking dinner, my husband comes home and starts ranting about how he wanted Mexican and not Italian food for dinner. All the sudden my mood turns sour. Most would step back and think, ‘my husband put me in a bad mood’, right?

Well I am about to pull the psychology 101 book out and set it on the table. Others cannot make you feel any sort of way; you are in control of your emotions. I know, I know. You have probably heard this a million times. You keep hearing it because IT IS TRUE! How do you change this pattern though? You aren’t doing anything at all, and then boom, the bad mood strikes.

You may not realize that you are doing anything, but remember when I was talking about communication and how this effects our emotions? This is what is happening in that moment you feel nothing going on. You may not be speaking negativity, but maybe you are under your breath. I know I am guilty of this. Once negativity starts to be spoken, it is like a black cloud that starts to swarm into the air. Maybe you aren’t speaking out loud, or under your breath, maybe you can’t pin point that negative emotion and why it comes.

Our thoughts work the same way as the words spoken. Our thoughts and our spoken words work interchangeably when it comes to our emotions. Even if we aren’t SPEAKING these words, our thoughts, or our SELF TALK impact our emotions the same way as our spoken words.

I challenge you that when you encounter someone with a less than stellar attitude, or saying something that would typically upset you think about your thoughts in that moment. Write it down. Write down what you are thinking in that exact moment.

What does it say? Is it negative thoughts or positive thoughts? Do you see a correlation between thoughts and emotions?

I would love to hear about it.

Nicole Morin

Nicole Morin

Life Coach, Destiny by Design, LLC

Nicole Morin is the CEO and Destiny by Design LLC. She is a wife, mom and entrepreneur. After attending school to obtain her BS in psychology and her MA in Professional Counseling, she found her own passion for working with individuals who are looking for their passion and to live more abundantly in their own lives. Committed to working endlessly to help others live a life of their dreams, Destiny by Design LLC was born.

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