We’ve all heard the saying “dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” and while yes, in theory this makes sense- for the typical corporate job- but what if you already have the job you want? What if you are an entrepreneur, the CEO of your own company – does that give you free reign to stay in your pajamas all day? Well, technically yes. One of the many perks of being your own boss is deciding the dress code for your business. Heck, business casual can mean no pants if that’s what you decide! However, what a lot of people fail to realize, is that the way you dress can add a lot of authenticity and “realness” to your brand. Creating your brand online through social media channels is important, it is what helps draw potential clients in. But, if they can relate to and identify with your brand and decide to work with you, it is just as important to embody that brand you have created for your business online, in person – a big part of which being the way you dress.

I know what you’re thinking, the way you dress really can’t be that important when it comes to the success of your business. But just look at successful people like Emily Williams – her brand color scheme is black and pink, and in the majority of her media, she is wearing those colors! Dressing the part reminds your clients of what drew them to you, why they wanted to work with you, and makes you seem more legitimate.

So, you’re next question will probably be… how can I dress the part, on a budget? Obviously, every brand is different, so “dressing the part” will be different for everyone, but I’ve compiled a list of places to shop that I’m confident will have something for everyone.

1. Old Navy
It doesn’t have the best rep. Hey, I’ll admit it, up until recently I did not get excited about the prospect of a trip to Old Navy, but give it a chance. They’ve really upped the ante in recent years and have some seriously stylish pieces in addition to the necessary basics.
2. H&M
While the quality is not awesome, the prices are. It’s cheap and trendy. Perfect for pieces that you know won’t stay in style long.
ASOS is one of my personal favorites. There are literally hundreds of options. Although it’s just a website, and you can’t try it on before purchasing, they usually have in depth descriptions of their clothing as well as pictures and sometimes even a video of a model in the garment.
4. Nordstrom Rack
Want all the style and convenience of a department store like Nordstrom without the designer prices? Nordstrom Rack is the place for you.
5. Express
Express is a great mix of quirky and classic pieces not to mention they have killer prices and quality styles.

So next time you’re throwing on sweats to meet with a client, remember, you’ve got to look the part to be the part.

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