4 Week Mindset Makeover Mastermind With Morgan Plummer, Ashley Love & Guest Expert Nikki Pebbles

The Deets


Your mindset will either make or break your business – I will say it until I’m blue in the face because it truly changed my life from the inside out. Look, I can’t promise you 5 figures, that’s not mindset work but I can promise that if you don’t master your mindset you will never reach those 5 or 6 figure goals you have.

So… we’re coming to you with a 4 Week Mindset Mastermind where we cover clarity, limiting beliefs, the shit holding you back, your fears, your money mindset and ensuring that your goals and desires are all alignment and ready to happen. You’ll receive group coaching calls as well as workbooks & an accountability buddy!


You will…

-Clear room for more income

-Find confidence to step into your true zone of genius

-Conquer that mean girl in your head

-Master manifestation

-Push through those obstacles in your biz

-AND define why you’re so f**king amazing




Mastermind kicks off on August 14


Sign up by August 12 and recieve the following bonuses:



Ideal Client Course 

Storytelling Selling Masterclass

Money Mindset & CEO Mindset Masterclass 

Instagram Training 

Increasing Facebook Visibility by 200% Training 

Streamlining your Business Training & 120 Day Content Planner




Here’s how the course works:

Expect a workbook & training in your email each Monday during the course

((4)) Weekly Group Coaching Zoom calls

Guest Expert Training from Nikki Pebbles

Value over $1900 and Investment $497




Ashley Love

Hello ladies! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Ashley Love, CEO Mentor and Business Empowerment Coach. I’ve worked with everyone from major non-profits to politicans and startup companys. Now,  I help women get clear about their goals and create a life they’re passionate about. We create killer brands that are authentically you, work on your CEO mindset and much more! I’m going to teach you how to create a sustainable, scalable business that allows you to spend more time with your family. Say goodbye to your 9-5 and say hello to the laptop lifestyle.

Learn to create the lifestyle you’ve been craving.

Morgan Plummer

Let me briefly introduce myself. I am a Mindset and Business Success Coach empowering women to go from surviving to thriving in their life and in their business. I’m here to help you make your dreams a reality whether that’s leaving your 9 to 5, staying home with your babies, finding your true potential, crushing those limiting beliefs, building a kick ass team or creating financial freedom. I teach you the skills you need to fall in love with your life, define your goals and desires, master your mindset, characterize your target audience, develop your niche, create your programs, find the perfect clients and rock your freaking business.

Nikki Pebbles

What do you get when you combine part branding strategist, part fitness pro, part BADASS and part social media ninja warrior with killer enthusiasm and passion for helping others? An unstoppable, fiery redhead: Nikki Pebbles.

Nikki Pebbles is the founder and CEO of NikkiPebbles.com, a hub that teaches women the power of being themselves in life and business!

“Mindset Makeover Mastermind made a huge impact on me. I had lost my passion for my business and was stuck feeling negative every day. I worked through the course and found out that I was misaligned with the business I was working. I was not truly doing something I loved. This course gave me a new mindset that was open to reach out toward something I would be happy with doing and closer to the my true dream career.”

Michelle Killmon

“Oh wow! I just had a mind-blowing session with Ashley Love. OH! She knows what she is talking about. I met her at a time when I really needed clarity on my marketing and I left really energized and impacted by her. Ashley doesn’t mind spending more time than the appointment is worth to get you to where you want to be. If you’re looking for a brand strategist who doesn’t just want your money but is more concerned about giving you value; Ashley is the one to go to. Thank you Ashley.”

Ibukunoluwa Akinbamijo

Virtual Assistant , IBK Virtual Services

“Morgan is such a wonderful person! She honestly helps me with business strategy and my own confidence in my business. She is full of resources to help anyone become successful. She is a happy and hard working momma, I love it! Morgan is always real and honest and is so inviting to talk to! I feel like my business can and will be successful with the tools and advice she has given me to use!”

Emily Burns

Health and Fitness Coach, Emily Burns Fitness

“Ashley has been my business coach for 2 different businesses over the past 6 months. There is nothing like investing in her. I have come so far in both of my business ventures due to her guidance and support. If you are thinking about taking a leap and reaching the next level in your business, this is your lady. You will not regret hiring her on because she is worth every cent.”

Nicole Morin

Life Coach, Destiny by Design, LLC.

“Morgan was willing to have an entire chat with me after I started newbie spamming on one of her inspiring posts. She was very professional and sent an invite to our own call, spending an hour letting me pick her brain and discuss where I was coming from as someone brand new to this industry. I took a full page of notes and tips and even received a book recommendation and free workbook! I am not even a paying client, she did it just because she cares. I definitely plan to sign up for one of her courses!”

Maril Vernon

Up & Coming Entrepreneur

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